A Domain
Our history

In the heart of Burgundy

Located on the “Côte Chalonnaise”, our domain is a family-owned business expert in vine cultivation and producing quality wines.

Domaine du Four Bassot - In the heart of Burgundy
Domaine du Four Bassot - In the heart of Burgundy

Since the 17th century, members of the Gault family have been working the vineyard, as wine-workers, in Barizey.

In 1952, shortly after his birth, Jean-Jacques moves to St Mard de Vaux with his parents. His father, cultivates and vinifies the vine for a renowned family in Chalon area.

As the years go by, Jean-Jacques – fueled by the same passion – helps more and more his aging father, until quitting his job as a construction craftsman to take over, on his own, a part of the vine left by the deceased owner’s heirs.

Jean-Jacques will make his first vintage in 1980.

A family passion

Love for nature and respect for others
are the values that drive us

In 1996, Sébastien, driven by the same passion from his father, graduated in Winemaking-Oenology studies in Beaune, and joined the winegrowing domain.

The domain takes the name of « Domaine du Four Bassot », in reference to the bread oven built in the lower village (« Bassot » is a Burgundian derivative of the word « Bas » – lower in English) and which faced workers’ housing before being completely destroyed.

Permanently settled in 1999, Sébastien will favor the qualitative development of the domain: both in terms of vineyard work, and investment in equipment and technical resources, to further improve the quality: high-clearance tractors, grape sorting tables, leaf strippers, vibrating tables, destemmer, etc.

Domaine du Four Bassot - A family passion
Domaine du Four Bassot - A family passion

A friendly work environment

Domaine du Four Bassot, above all,
is a whole team where caring is key.

Domaine du Four Bassot - In our lands

In our lands

From left to right: Frédéric, Dominique, Jean-Baptiste, Jean-Jacques, Sébastien, Séverine, José

Domaine du Four Bassot - In our walls

In our walls

From left to right: Evelyne, Tatiana, Marjorie

Today – in 2020 – to operate the 27-hectare domain, geographically distributed over the villages of Mercurey, Rully, Givry and Bouzeron, Sébastien is supported by a dynamic and dedicated team.

They share the same values: goodwill, respect for people and goods, love for nature, good-quality work done in a fair and safe environment.

And this, always under the accommodating eye and the wise advice of Jean-Jacques, retired since 2013.